The „Arabica“ Theme for Contao

Arabica is a full responsive and dynamic scaling one-pager theme, developed by SYNTAXYS, Achim Lammerts, for the Contao content management system.

This elegant theme is mainly designed for small websites with less content, i. e. to present weekly offers of a coffee shop or a bakery. Just fill in your own content and present your business with a new Look & Feel.

Download the theme files

As a protection against automatic download from bots, please log in with username „public“ and password „download“ to access all the files you need:

„mobile first“

This layout is made simple as possible to fit perfectly in every screen. Based on the paradigma „mobile first“ it is optimized for small devices as well as for large and high resolution monitors.

Keep in mind:
Less is more respective to the bandwith. If you only use the needed parts, your website will be very fast. The CSS part is produced with the Sass engine which comes with Contao by default.


Browser: FF, Chrome, IE9+, Opera, Safari

Contao: up from 4.9 LTS
It doesn't make sense to support older versions.


The essential basic elements like accordion, teaser elements and slider are already pre-designed. Further components can be easily setup if needed.

As a one-pager, this theme doesn't need a navigation. For legal content you might use the accordion.

We are open!

Monday – Friday from 6.00 am to 6.00 pm
Saturday from 7.00 am to 5.00 pm
Sunday & holidays closed

Where we are


Arabica Coffee House … enjoy the taste!

Rue de la Melange 123 • F-67630 Lauterbourg

Phone: +1 234 56789 or write us an email

Our actual menu

Beverages Price Food Price
Cup of coffee 1,00 $ Croissant 1,00 $
Espresso 1,00 $ Brötchen 0,50 $
Latte macchiato 2,00 $ Eggs & Bacon 2,00 $
Cappuccino 2,00 $ Boiled egg 1,00 $
Blümchenkaffee 2,00 $ Marmelade 0,20 $

Weekly special offer!

Developers Breakfast

10 cups of coffee, 1 cigar

only 1,50 $

See our shop for daily offers!

Some impressions of our coffee house

That's our team

Bruce Lee

The Head
A mathematician is a device for turning coffee into theorems.

Brocco Lee

Our service in the kitchen
Vegetarian, loves to style your food! Brings the power in your day.

Heaven Lee

Our barista
Coffee is her life, she judge a restaurant by the bread and by the coffee.

How to use

If you know what you're doing it will be easy for you to setup your own site with this example. Otherwise get payed help, some is for free but nothing is for less.

It's developed with Contao 4.9 LTS and you might start with it „out of the box“, no further extensions are needed for a basic setup.

Download the theme files

If you like my work and it's useful to you I would appreciate a donation very much. Thank you!

Just download the CTO-File containing all files you need. Import the SQL-File to your database, if you want to use the example content of this website.

Getting help

If you don't want to do the job by yourself, I'm available for hire. Just deliver your content and we'll start.

Setup of a fresh Contao installation with this theme:

29,90 €

Setup a one-pager web site with this theme in a fresh Contao installation:

299,- €


The main focus during the development of this theme was performance and compatibility with as many devices as possible, including older ones. This site works also great with an iPhone 4.
Therefore the code was kept as small as possible and only the necessary elements were used and designed with CSS.

Easy grid system

For the column layout of this sample website, I use only some classes to define the respective widths of the blocks. Just use the CSS classes for adjusting the column width respective to the parent elements width:

  • for a quarter: col25
  • for a third: col33
  • for a half: col50
  • for two thirds: col66
  • for three quarters: col75

For smaller devices the columns are stacked automatically. The gap between two columns is set to 2% respective to the parent element.

Wrap multiple content elements into div and clear the floats with the clearFloat class. Normally Contao appends itself the classes first and last but not to the HTML content element. In this case use it manually together with your column classes.

This example website will show you the possibilities.

Color presets

There are different color schemes for content areas pre-defined, just use the respective selectors:

bright -  example 

medium -  example 

dark -  example 

For defining your own CSS selectors, just use the Sass variables:









You can use this theme for free under the conditions respective to the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license. Neither Contao nor the parts of the visual content (images, icons and vector artwork) are included to the themes license.

Images / Icons / Vectors

Header: unsplash, Mike Kenneally, Photo-ID zlwDJoKTuA8 (License: Unsplash License)

unsplash, Charisse Kenion, Photo-ID w4VtT8jQL6A (License: Unsplash License)
unsplash, Valentin B. Kremer, Photo-ID 4ia_6JMu6Mg (License: Unsplash License)
unsplash, S O C I A L . C U T, Photo-ID UD57QdzIj_8 (License: Unsplash License)

Achim, Selfie 2017 (License: CC-BY-SA)
unsplash, Brooke Cagle, Photo-ID WfV4KscvvBQ (License: Unsplash License)
unsplash, Brooke Cagle, Photo-ID 9fHMo1-5Io8 (License: Unsplash License)

Logo: Johnny's Cup of Coffee Coloured (License: Public Domain)


Color palette generated with
Google Fonts: Nunito, Vujahday Script (License: Open Font License)